3 New Secrets for Getting Found in Local Search

Your website may do a great job of promoting and validating your business—once people find it. But can they find it? Here are three new secrets that can make a huge difference in rising to the top of organic search results:

#1. Testimonials Praise from customers has always been important. But now, testimonials deliver added value in terms of SEO. Why? Studies show that once visitors are on the home page, they click on testimonials. Because consumers value other people's opinions, search engines rank websites that feature testimonials higher than those without them.

#2. Pictures Adding photos, images and other graphic elements engages visitors and keeps them on your website longer. The longer visitors stay on your website, the more your search traffic is likely to convert into leads, calls and new customers. Pictures have also become powerful SEO tools. You'll need to do more than just show pictures though. You'll need to position, tag and post pictures to maximize your organic SEO value.

#3. Location People conducting local searches aren't just doing research. 9 out of 10 of them take action by calling or visiting a local business. Do everything you can to emphasize your location for search engines.



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