QR Codes: Turn Smartphones into Smart Business

Quick Response – "QR" – codes are those pixilated boxes turning up on business cards, ads, billboards, websites, brochures and even tee shirts. Snap a photo of the QR code with a smartphone and to view anything from product information to a video. Very cool! But what do QR codes mean for your local business?

A competitive advantage. While QR codes are on the rise, they're still relatively new. Using them now could mean a competitive advantage, especially if your audience includes smartphone users. And don't think that means just teens and the Twenty-Something crowd.

Some of the biggest users of smartphones are "household managers." These include busy moms on the go at work, running errands, or sitting at kids' practices. They use their smartphones to check Facebook, research businesses and products, make reservations and purchase just about everything. Adding a QR code to your website or ads can make it easier for them to buy from you! A possible boost for search rankings. The fresher your content, the higher a search engine will rank your website. Adding QRs signals fresh content. Plus, search engines may soon recognize QR codes and even index the content they contain.

A new way to engage your audience. With QR codes, even small banners or ads can be gateways to a wealth of information. So, instead of trying to squeeze in features, benefits and calls to action, put them into QR code links. By doing that, you get a better chance to make your points and encourage people to "stick" with you longer – and the longer they engage with your brand and business, the more likely they are to buy from you.

Here are just a few ideas for what your QR codes might provide:

• A coupon or details on a special offer

• Hours of operation, address, and contact details

• Product information

• A link to a YouTube video or demo

• Product details and pricing



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